Junior High Handbook




Claysburg-Kimmel Music Department












Please keep in a safe place for reference

Throughout the year





Ms. Maureen Manjerovic, Choral Director

[email protected]

239-5141 ext. 1205





It is the mission of the CK Choral program to offer opportunities for performance of great choral music to all students who wish to participate. To establish a performing arts model that not only ensures quality but the presentation of a variety of musical types and styles to our community, and to provide a sequential developmental music curriculum which allows each student an opportunity to build musical skills and understanding through a wide variety of quality musical experiences.




  1. To produce the highest caliber musical performances, technically and artistically
  2. To perform music that challenges us and inspires our audiences
  3. To recognize the high value of each person’s contribution to the organization
  4. To learn music fundamentals and basics of music notation
  5. To develop our musicianship individually and as a group
  6. To empower our members to fulfill their musical potential
  7. To work together in a manner that is engaging and productive
  8. To make a contribution to the community through our work





All students who elect to take chorus are expected to fully participate and work to the best of their ability toward quality, artistry, and mastery.  Toward this end, expectations of students are explained in this handbook as well as helpful information.



  • No spray, colognes, hair preparations, or other aerosol/pump items shall be sprayed in the chorus room, or any parts thereof.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!  This triggers potentially serious allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems for some students and staff, and can affect vocal production.


  • Purses, books, and personal belongings should be placed on the floor under your assigned seat.  They should not be placed on the piano, on the folder cabinet, in the aisles, or in the chorus office.


  • You are encouraged to bring water bottles to chorus in order to stay hydrated while you sing.  Singing while dehydrated can result in damage to the vocal folds.  Students will not be permitted to leave the room for drinks as this is distracting to all.


  • Students who are not able to sing must inform Ms. Manjerovic at the beginning of rehearsal.   Class points will not be deducted as long as students are following with their section.





Your folder is your “textbook” for the class and is property of CKHS – do not write on, deface, or destroy the folder in anyway.  Students will be charged a replacement cost for any folder damage.    Students may store folders in the chorus room for convenience or may bring it to class each day.











Daily grades (5pts per day:  90 points total per quarter) are assessed for each day’s rehearsal and excellence in this area will mean:


  • Students are on time for class, have their music and a pencil.  They are attentive at all times, singing with a full voice demonstrating proper breathing, posture, focus, energy, and techniques.  Students will also contribute consistent positive class participation and attitude.
  • Any student in school, but not participating in rehearsal will receive a 0 for their daily grade.  That includes students who are making up work for another teacher or who are visiting the nurse or guidance office – Students sent home from school will be excused
  • Any students with an unexcused school absence or who have been placed in ISS / OSS will receive a 0 for every day chorus is missed.



15% of the students’ grade is a performance based grade.  This will be in the form of a Voice Lesson/Performance Evaluation (MP1 & MP3) and attendance at the Winter & Spring Concerts (MP2 & MP4)


15% MUSICAL ENRICHMENT & DEVELOPMENT (Tuesday / Thursday Only Students)

The final 15% of the students’ grade can be earned by completing one or more of the following items:

-Attend a lesson each quarter

-Attend County Chorus

-Attend up to 2 outside chorus concerts and complete a concert evaluation form

-Participate in CACT shows

-take private voice lessons





(Small Chorus Students)

Students in small chorus (Mon/Wed/Fri) will be working on music theory and sight-singing including but not limited to:  rhythmic notation, treble & bass clef note reading, intervals, piano keyboard, music score notation and vocal pedagogy.  Students will be quizzed periodically on the material learned.




Audience members often “listen with their eyes!” By dressing up for the concert, you are showing pride in yourself and what you do.  The following dress code will be enforced for all CKHS chorus concerts: 


Ladies:  white blouse, black pants, black dress shoes.  (No skirts unless they are to the ankles)  No perfume, scented lotions, or glitter.

Men:  white shirt & black pants, black tie, and black dress shoes.  (sneakers are acceptable if they are solid black)


Failure to conform to the dress code may result in a lower grade or exclusion from concert participation.




Students will be excused from a performance for the following reasons only:  Disabling illness (doctor’s note required), death in the family, or extenuating circumstances approved in advance at the discretion of the director.  Excuses for missing a performance need to be submitted in writing prior to the concert or in an emergency, on the following class day.   Students will not be excused for reasons such as: family vacations, work, dance recitals, lack of a ride, babysitting, or non-school related sporting events. 


There is no way to “make up” a missed performance.  Students may earn part or all of the points by writing a 2-page paper discussing all of the concert selections in detail.  Students should include historical information on the piece, genre, or composer as well as specific musical techniques used by the composer and personal reflections on the music.




All Claysburg-Kimmel chorus students are subject to random drug testing administered by the school and must complete a drug-testing form in order to participate in chorus.      




All Claysburg-Kimmel chorus students have a personal account to be used for t-shirts/hoodies, and the field trip.  Students may pay cash for these events or they may participate in fundraising.  All account money stays with the student as long as they are a member of the chorus.  Students with siblings in chorus may elect to share their profits equally.  Account lists are located on the closet door in the chorus room.  It is the student’s responsibility to check the amount for accuracy.  Students who leave chorus for any reason will forfeit their earned money; students may donate to another chorus student.




All students are encouraged to participate in fundraising.  Remember most money earned directly benefits your child, but a small portion will benefit the chorus in general.


With fundraising money, we have purchased a second set of risers, new lighting in the auditorium and new choral microphones.  We are also able to give Mrs. They’s (the accompanist) a small stipend for all her time and effort working with the students.  So please consider helping in every way possible.



Parents – all students may participate in fundraising activities ~ if you prefer your child not be allowed to participate, please notify me asap.






  • Cash and money orders are accepted anytime.  Make sure all Cash is secured in a sealed envelope with the students name on it.


  • CHECKS:  Please send ONE check payable to CKHS CHORUS  with the student name written on the memo line.  Do not include individual checks from patrons – have them pay you directly.  Any returned check fees charged to the Chorus Activity Account will be assessed to the student bringing the check.


  • Money should only be given to Ms Manjerovic – never left on her desk, in her mailbox or given to another person.  Receipts will be issued as soon as possible – it is your responsibility to get your receipt.  Please do not interrupt class to turn in money.


  • Written receipts will be provided for all cash/check transactions.


  • Please pay attention to the deadlines for turning money in.  Failure to pay for fundraisers will result in students being placed on the obligation list and may not be allowed to fundraise in the future.






            The success of our chorus program is largely hinged upon help received by the parents of the chorus students who support the choir program and are willing to get involved in one of a variety of ways to assist us.   I know how busy everyone is but we can’t have successful fundraisers & events without your help!   Please provide an email address so that I may contact you when help is needed!  Thank you!


ALL Trip Chaperones must have child Abuse and Criminal Background Checks from the PA State Police.  These do not need to be done every year.  Please contact the school or Ms M for forms.





Junior High County Chorus is open to students in grades 7 through 9 from all Blair County schools.  It is usually held over two days in the spring culminating in a combined concert on the second day.  This is an “honors festival” open to only a select number of students.


Students are selected by audition and eligible students will have demonstrated superior leadership in both attitude and behavior and will have above average vocal ability in chorus.  There is no cost to the students to attend unless selected students do not participate after agreeing to do so. Students prepare their audition music outside class time by signing up for sessions with Ms. Manjerovic.   Participating students are expected to work diligently to prepare their music fully, as well as make up school work missed as a result of attending the festival.







At the end of the year, Junior High Band and Chorus students may participate in a trip to an amusement park (usually Hershey or Kennywood Parks).  Students may earn money over the course of the year to be used for this trip (usually approximately $60-75) or pay for it outright.  Any student on obligation list or ineligible list will not be permitted to attend.