Studying Strategies



  • Study/review each day to keep concepts fresh in your mind
  • Rework problems that had mistakes to complete them correctly
  • Complete extra examples or problems in the book
  • Complete practice problems and interactive quizzes on-line at

In preparation for a quiz/test:

  • Review homework completed throughout the chapter (do not just throw it in the trash)
  • Use the study guide/review at the end of each chapter which highlights strategies and concepts presented within each section
  • Copy down the review problems that we complete in class and rework them at home to demonstrate a true understanding of the concept or strategy
  • Get extra help from Mrs. Ritchey or a friend before the test is scheduled
  • Review the examples presented in each section of the textbook or on-line at to better help your understanding
  • Complete extra examples or practice problems so that you are comfortable when the test arrives


**I do not require the students to take notes, but they are welcome to do so if this strategy helps them to learn better