Algebra 1 Period 2 8th grade

Syllabus – 8th Grade


Algebra 1 Period 2


This course is an in-depth study of core algebraic topics.  It begins with a review of some basic concepts involving signed numbers, operations with real numbers and order of operations; but quickly moves into the building blocks of the foundation of algebra.  The content is organized around the families of functions, with special emphasis on linear and quadratic equations; systems of linear equations and systems of linear inequalities.  The students will learn to represent functions verbally, as equations and graphically.  Factoring polynomials, simplifying radicals, operations with rational expressions, probability, data analysis and some geometry topics are also included.


Numbers and Operations

  • Demonstrate an understanding of rational and irrational numbers
  • Determining GCF and LCM of sets of monomials


    Algebraic Concepts

  • Represent and use expressions and equations to solve problems involving radicals and integer exponents
  • Understand the connections between proportional relationships, lines and linear equations
  • Identify, describe and/or use constant rates of change
  • Write or identify a linear equation using slope-intercept form
  • Write, solve, graph and interpret linear equations in one or two variables and systems of linear equations
  • Write, solve, graph and interpret linear inequalities in one or two variable and systems of linear inequalities
  • Write or solve compound inequalities and their solution sets
  • Define, evaluate and compare functions displayed algebraically, graphically or numerically in tables or by verbal descriptions
  • Represent or interpret functional relationships between quantities using tables, graphs and descriptions
  • Identify the domain or range of a relation
  • Add, subtract and/or multiply polynomial expressions
  • Factor algebraic expressions and polynomials
  • Simplify/reduce rational algebraic expressions



  • Apply properties of geometric transformations to verify congruence or similarity
  • Solve problems involving right triangles by applying the Pythagorean Theorem
  • Apply volume formulas of cones, cylinders and spheres


Data Analysis and Probability

  • Analyze and interpret bivariate data displayed in multiple representations
  • Draw, identify, find and/or write an equation for a line of best fit for a scatter plot
  • Analyze and interpret relative frequencies in two-way tables
  • Calculate and/or interpret the range, quartiles and interquartile range of data
  • Use data displays in problem solving setting and to make predictions
  • Calculate the probability of compound events


This class will be taking both the PA Core state test in April 2021 and the Keystone Algebra Exam in May 2021.  We will work throughout the year to prepare for both tests simultaneously.  A lot of the skills and concepts studied in regard to the PA Core standards benefit the preparation for the Keystone Exam; but we will also need to address additional skills and concepts to prepare for the Keystone Exam in May 2021.


Not only must students be highly engaged during class, there must be a willingness and dedication to completing assignments outside of class as well.  Homework is assigned to provide practice and reinforcement of the concepts and skills that we are studying and will be applying to future lessons.  The new PA Core Standards/Keystone Algebra Standards involve less repetitive reviewing and overlapping from year to year and instead require mastery of the mathematical skills and concepts presented at each grade level as a prerequisite to upcoming skills and concepts studied in the next grade level or course.  Each year new concepts and skills are presented, so there is not much time to rehash and review what was studied in a previous course or grade level.  Students will need to practice and study outside of the classroom to ensure that they gain the best understanding possible so that they have a firm and strong foundation to build on throughout the course and in years to come.


Textbook: enVision Algebra 1 by Pearson

Supplemental Materials:  enVision Algebra 1 Student Companion Workbook
                                                     Common Core Workbook

                                                    Keystone Workbook


Websites for Assistance: (goes with textbook)



                                          (free on-line math games)


Tests and/or quizzes will occur weekly and parents can view the weekly test schedule by accessing my webpage.  Parents can also receive emails updating quiz and test dates as well.  Student grades will be updated weekly and parents and students can access these grades through Infinite Campus.  Classwork and quiz/test grades will be updated weekly, but a homework grade for the entire marking period will not be posted until the end of each marking period.  Parents will be notified if their child receives 3 zeroes on homework, resulting in a drop of 5 points for their marking period grade. A notebook is not required for the course, but students can keep a notebook of class examples and classwork to use as a study guide.  Frequently reviewing previous homework assignments is also a good method to help prepare for upcoming quizzes and tests.