My iPad isn't working correctly and I think I need to restart it.  How can I do that?

To reboot an iPad, you can perform a warm reboot.  Press and hold the Home button at the bottom of the screen along with the Power button.  Continue to press and hold both buttons at the same time until you see the white Apple logo and then release.  Your iPad will take about a minute to reboot.

My iPad is taking a very long time to charge or not charging.  What is wrong?

First, make sure the display brightness and Auto Lock are set correctly.  Open the Settings app on the iPad and scroll to find Display & Brightness.  To the right, make sure the Brightness level is set to 1/2 and the Auto-Lock is set to 2 minutes.  This preserves the battery power.

iPad Display & Brightness Setting

Next, warm reboot your iPad (see above question)

Finally, check the charger you are using.  The iPad charger provided with your iPad will charge much faster than using an iPhone charger due to the wattage of the adapter.

How do I clean my iPad?

Please click on the link below from Apple on how to properly clean your iPad.

How to clean your Apple products - Apple Support

While using the Safari web browser, I now have one big screen and a small one at the same time.  How do I restore Safari back to normal?

Apple allows 'Split Screen View'.  Sometimes it is accidently turned on by your finger when using your iPad.    To leave Split View, touch and hold , then tap Merge All Windows or Close All [number] Tabs. You can also tap  to close tabs individually. 

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